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Potamia Village Naxos

Potamia is one more of the many beautiful mountain villages of Naxos! It is just 8 km from Naxos town, while a car rental will give you the opportunity to experience, not only Potamia but also the neighboring villages! Potamia is one of the most traditional villages and consists of 4 settlements, with a permanent population of no more than 370 inhabitants, while in the summer the population increases a lot. The most beautiful element of Potamia is the green that characterizes the area, with many plane trees and green gardens. It is no coincidence that the village is called Potamia, as the lush vegetation of the village is due to the many rivers that cross the village! Potami in greek means river! Among the sights of the village, is a beautiful watermill that still survives from the 14 watermills that used to exist in the area, the temple of St. Mamas from the 9th century A.C. The beautiful paths leading to the settlements of the village and of course the monastery of Kalamitsia located very close to Potamia! In the village you will find excellent quality food, fruits honey, wine, cheese and olive oil! Prefer to rent a car to reach Potamia, as the bus is not so frequent and you do not want to miss the opportunity to explore other villages and the unique beaches of Naxos!