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Rent a Car Naxos - Choose from the best!

The beautiful islands near Naxos

Naxos is worth visiting, not only for the fantastic beaches you will encounter and the picturesque villages with the local products, nor the Medieval architecture combined with the Cycladic architecture and the interesting archaeological finds! Between all the beautiful things you will encounter in Naxos, the Small Cyclades are included!  What are the small Cyclades? there are another 4 small islands around Naxos, with unique beauty and access from Naxos! These islands are already known for the beautiful beaches and the calm atmosphere: Iraklia, Schoinousa, Donousa and Koufonissia. Of course, with boats starting on a daily basis from Naxos, you can do one-day excursions to the beaches of the islands or even combine Naxos with some more days in one of the more isolated and tranquil islands such as Koufonisia, Schinoussa, Donousa and Iraklia! Endless beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, tranquility and relaxation are some of the things that offer the 4 small islands surrounding Naxos, while the traditional, good food is another reason to adore the islands! Lovers of alternative sports and nature will find entertainment in many hikes, adventures and discoveries of beaches that seem unexplored! The itineraries are stable in the winter from Naxos for small Cyclades while in the summer additional routes are added and of course there are also small boats for direct communication between the Small Cyclades!