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Castle of Chora Naxos

The beautiful Castle in Naxos Town is in fact the old town above the port of Naxos, where it once was one more outpost of the Venetian Empire, surrounded by walls.

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Temple of Demeter Naxos

The Temple of Demeter is a unique monument in an impressive area in the Gyroula area near the village of Sangri. It dates from 530-520 BC. and it offers to the visitors unique views of mount Za and the sea!

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The beautiful islands near Naxos

Naxos is worth visiting, not only for the fantastic beaches you will encounter and the picturesque villages with the local products, nor the Medieval architecture combined with the Cycladic architecture and the interesting archaeological finds! Between all the beautiful things you will encounter in Naxos, the Small Cyclades are included! 

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Kalamitsia Monastery in Naxos

A unique story hides in the Kalamitsia Monastery, Naxos, in a region between the village of Melanes and the village of Potamia. You will meet in Kalamitsia a unique building, once a resort of unique beauty but also a great history that over the years has lost its glory.

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The famous Portara in Naxos

When you visit Naxos, the first thing you will encounter is Portara of Naxos, a great marble gate that was intended to be the gateway to the Temple of Apollo. The temple was never finished, but the great door is still on the islet of Palatia, an islet that in antiquity was a hill that was connected to the main island with a strip of land.

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