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Rent a Car Naxos - Choose from the best!

Car Rental Vigla Naxos

The beautiful beach Mikri Vigla is waiting for you to explore and enjoy, with a rental car Naxos! When you arrive in Naxos, keep in mind that Naxos is the largest island of Cyclades, and has many hidden treasures, beaches, caves, mountain villages, that you will want to explore! A rental car in Naxos is a must! Mikri Vigla is located abour 18 km from the capital of Naxos, on the southwest part of the island. It is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches of Cyclades, due to the interesting geology and the beauty of the sandy beaches and the crystal clear waters! Mikri Vigla is actually separated into two beches, with a hill standing between them. The most impressive thing about the two beaches, is that the northern beach is windy and ideal for waters sports like kitesurf, to be more specific, the beach is famous for kitesurf and wind surf, when the southern beach is protected from the winds! Another great thing about Mikri Vigla, is that it keeps the natural beauty of the landspace, and the villages has kept the traditional architecture giving a pleasant view. The cedar forest, the archaeological findings, the greek taverns are some of the beautiful things that you will enjoy.