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Temple of Demeter Naxos

The Temple of Demeter is a unique monument in an impressive area in the Gyroula area near the village of Sangri. It dates from 530-520 BC. and it offers to the visitors unique views of mount Za and the sea! Built with unique quality marble of Naxos, the temple was dedicated to the Goddess of Cultivation, as the economy of Naxos was based from antiquity in agriculture. The temple degenerated around the 3rd century BC. With Christianity gaining ground, while a chapel was built in the center of the temple with marbles from the same temple. During the excavations, many parts of the temple were excavated while many were already stolen. Despite the unique archaeological interest, today you will find a beautiful temple in a magical location, but it lacks inscriptions, maps and staff to ensure the protection of the area, while the museum will not always be open. Nonetheless, the visit will enchant you.