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Panormos Beach Naxos

If you want to enjoy a truly different and calm beach, then you have to go to Panormo. A beach on the eastern side of Naxos, with hard to reach access if you do not have your own car or a car rental facility! It is really far from the center of Naxos and of course all the popular western beaches that are crowded. In fact, Panormos is located about 54 kilometers from the center of Naxos, while it is a beautiful sandy beach, southeast of the island. It is likely to be the quietest beach of Naxos, shelled in a bay like a small harbor with beautiful palm trees. The waters of Panormo are crystal clear and shallow, but you have to be careful, and try to be organized with sunshades and snacks as there are no facilities on the beach. There is only one canteen on the beach which provides the necessary. It is important that you have a car to reach Panormo beach, because even in the summer season bus routes are rare for Panormos. A Car hire is a Must. The road is asphalt in good condition while the route to Panormos is beautiful as you pass through mountainous villages and by the sea overlooking Koufonissia! Extra Tip: from Panormo you can take the boat to the lonely beach of Rina!