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Halki village Naxos

At the same basin (of Tragia) with Kaloxylos and very close to Potamia, is located the beautiful village of Halki! At a distance of 14 kilometers from Naxos town, you can easily reach the village with a car rental from Naxos city, while the landscape will impress you with beautiful neoclassical architecture and rich vegetation! Characteristic of the village of Halki is the neoclassical architecture, as it was an important center of Naxos, both culturally, economically and religiously. This is an area that offers everything to the visitor, except for the beautiful scenery, and if you choose to stay in this village, you will enjoy cool evenings, and much easier access to the unique beaches of the island, as the village is literally in the center of Naxos! Among the unique sights, you will find the church of Panagia Protothroni from the 6th century AD, the Barrozzi tower, and of course beautiful balconies, alleys and green courtyards!