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Car Rental Tips – Regulations in Greece

There are certain regulations in Greece that before renting car you should know!

If you want to rent a car in Greece, you should know that it is permited for drivers between the ages 23 to 70, with an international driving license! Furthermore, the driver should have a driving experience of at least 1 year.

When you travel in small groups with more than one driver, the car rental company should be informed. It should be stated in the contract in any case, so the insurance can be valid. Keep in mind that many car rental companies charge the second driver with a small fee.

Keep in mind the speed limits in Greece if there are no signs, so you will not have any problems! The speed limit for populated areas, where there are no others signs, is 50km/h, for open roads and avenues the speed limit is 90km/h and for the highways 110-130km/h.